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Wilkes Spirit of the Times

Letter from the Birthplace
of Heenan.

WEST TROY, N.Y., March 28.

  FRIEND SPIRIT: I trust that you will pardon my thus thrusting myself so unceremoniously upon your attention; and probably as I proceed you will find no sufficient justification on my part for doing so. I am not a sporting man myself, nor do I consider myself in the least au fait in the mysteries of the profession. I read the SPIRIT regularly, and try to keep myself posted in matters relating to the sporting world. I see that the excitement, in regard to the coming "set-to" between the rival champions Heenan and Sayers is increasing. Here in this little village nothing else is talked of. This, as you are of course aware, is the birthplace of Mr. John C., and as such I trust that a communication from it will not be devoid of interest. I am well acquainted with Mr. Heenan, Senior. He has been employed in the Watervliet Arsenal here for the last thirty years and now occupies the position of master-blacksmith; in other words, "boss of the smithies." He has another son, Timothy by name, who follows the same trade as his father, and who is nothing loth to try his hand at a "knock-down" argument. As far as regards Mr. John Heenan, personally I am not acquainted with him. I have seen him, however, and a finer-built man I never had the good fortune to come in contact with. His manners are also very gentlemanly. It is somewhat hazardous to risk an opinion on the coming fight; but any loose change I may wish to bet will most assuredly take the odds against Sayers. I am happy to say that the odds are heavy here on Heenan; he is looked upon as a sure thing. The Cricket and Base Ball Clubs are beginning to move, both in the village and Troy, getting ready for the summer campaign. If anything in your line occurs this way, and this first essay pass your critical examination, I will write you again.

Till then, adios. ___________ JUNIOR

ED. WILSON"S BENEFIT. We learn that it is the intention of Ed. Wilson, of Weehawken, who is matched to fight Harry Gribbin for $1,000, to give a grand sparring exhibition at the National Concert Rooms (formerly the National Theatre), on Tuesday evening, when he will be assisted by a host of the best sparrers in the city, as well as by the regular company of the establishment. From the attractive character of the evening's entertainment, we have no doubt but that Wilson will have a bumper benefit.


  DECKER AND KIMBER. A correspondent, signing himself "Bellsmasher," replies to "Bellringer's" description of the fight between the above named parties, and says, "the fight did not last thirty minutes, nor the half that time. Neither did Kimber lead off or throw Decker. Decker received only one blow, and that after he had put down his guard, when arrested by the village officer. Two or three cat-scratchers were visible on his face, the only injury on him, while Kimber did not manifest such a 'crowing' disposition as the Paddy remarked. I have no doubt but that Decker will cross 'Rio Grande.' or any other Grande with him whenever Kimber feels voracious, or wishes a few more teeth extracted."

   GRIEBIN AND WILSON'S MATCH. This match is proceeding in the most satisfactory manner, and both men are in active training, and getting into first-rate condition. We have now received $700 on account of this match, and the next deposit (the eighth) of $50 a side will be made at Edwin Wilson's, the Woodbine Hotel, at Weehawken, on Thursday, the 5th April, between two and six, P.M. The ninth and final deposit of $100 a side, will be made at James Massey's, on Thursday, the 18th April, between two and six o'clock, P.M., when both men will be present.

  CHALLENGE TO MORRISSEY. We have received from Thomas Hyde, of Staleybridge, the sum 10, on behalf of Sam Hurst (the Staleybridge Chicken), who wishes to fight Morrissey for 100 or 200 a side; or, if Morrissey declines fighting on his arrival in this country, Hurst can be backed against Heenan, win or lose with Tom Hayers, or against Jem Ward's big unknown.

Wilkes Spirit of the Times

Tom Sayers and Heenan

Wilkes Spirit of the Times

Wilkes Spirit of the Times
APRIL 7, 1860


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