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PLEASE! Dogs are not always welcome because of conflicts with other trail and campground users. If you have a dog the following suggestions will make everyone's visit more enjoyable.

Uncontrolled Dogs
No one likes an uncontrolled dog. Please keep your dog close to you (within 15 feet) and under reliable physical or voice control at all times.

Trail Courtesy
- Respect trail and area closures.
- Remember dogs are not always compatible with other trail users, i.e., horses, bikers, skiers, ect, respect their rights to use the area.
- Control dogs aggressive behavior towards other parties or animals.
- Prevent dog fights.

Thank You!

Dog Excrement
Dog excrement has no place on Summer or Winter Trails. Please remove it to a sanitary location.

Remember Your Dog
- Dogs, like humans, can become dehydrated. Make sure your dog gets water during daylong outings.
- Winter provides difficult conditions for dogs and bringing them is discouraged.
- Snow travel can exhaust a dog that is not used to it.
-Snow packed between the pads of the dog's paws can cause pain or injury.


Prepared by
Forest Service
Pacific Northwest Region
Deschutes National Forest