Free camping and campgrounds.

Bisbee Arizona, where all the old hippies retired...

You used to be able to camp anywhere, but as property prices doubled and tripled, more private property signs appeared... it just got harder to find a good spot. Roads we used to see a couple cars in a day, became much more traveled... new houses... more people... what we try to avoid.

The policeman on the street used to be your friend, would wave and say hello... now they became much more aggressive and arrest people for the most minor violations... punishment more worse than the crime.

UPDATE: 2006
Immigration / Boarder Patrol agents are becoming a threat to US citizens. Our friend that lives near the boarder went out and told them to get off his property. They beat him to a pulp, then went in the house and beat the crap out of his dad, and arrested them for some nonsense crime... said the agents lives were threatened.

The mountains and geology is very interesting. Veins of quartz running throughout the granite. There is gold up everywhere in these hills, we just haven't found it yet.

View from the top of mountain.

You are on top of the mountains.
The views are incredible.

For firewood there is mesquite everywhere. Find a dead bush and stomp it with your foot, smashing it to burn size pieces. In just a short time you should have enough wood for a couple days campfire, not to mention the best BBQ's.

NOTE: It is a federal crime to harvest any living mesquite. If there is only one branch that is still alive, even though 99% of the bush is dead, you can't use it.

You can find lots of quartz crystals. Mostly they are small, about 1/4" in size. You will usually find them in clusters with just a couple crystals to pieces with dozens of little crystals. Not worth much money, but make excellent gifts.

If your lucky, you will find a perfect white quartz arrowhead. We found one just near the pond/ big mud puddle in below photo. It is a federal crime to pick it up or remove such artifacts.

Bisbee Historic Downtown
Bisbee Historic District

Bisbee is off Highway 80
Between Tombstone and Douglas.
From Old Town Bisbee, follow Tombstone Canyon Road up to the Continental Divide. (You will see a white brick wall and pull out area). If you look on the other side of the paved road, there is a dirt road. It is steep and rough. Take this road all the way to the top. The road is smooth and level once you reach the top of the mountain. Go about another 2 miles and on the right side, you see a pond or big mud puddle(see photo). There is a garbage can on the opposite side of the road. Look carefully, because there is a hidden road next to that garbage can. Follow this narrow, boulder strewn road about 1/8 mile and you will see some firepits and good parking areas.

Mud Puddle
This is the pond or big mud puddle.
Check out the alligator casually drifting across the water.

If you continue down this road there are more camp areas, but you start getting too close to the radio towers. There are microwave dishes and the works, not advised to camp in line of sight.

Radio Towers
Radio and microwave towers.
Image has not been altered.

In case of bad weather you can overnight
park in Bisbee without hassle. Maybe check
out the upper parking lot. You can also overnight park at the Continental Divide.
You will get a lot of pot smokers and people
walking their dogs.

WARNING: Don't drink the Bisbee tap water. It might be the most contaminated water in the USA. Filtered water at Circle K.

Old building in Brewery Gulch
Old building in Brewery Gulch

Art Car in Bisbee
The Great Fortune Telling Lion
Lots of art cars in Bisbee. Anywhere else
and you would get a ticket or possibly arrested.

Lavender Pit south of Bisbee
Lavender Pit south of Bisbee
This used to be a mountain...

Earth Blood at the Lavender Pit
Earth Blood at the Lavender Pit

Bisbee Area
South of Bisbee.

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