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JANUARY 9, 1913

Jess Willard

_ Luther McCarty may be the white
heavyweight champ some day - he
isn't yet. At least, thus opines one
Texas cowboy named Jess Willard.
Jess seems to have logic on his side
for it will be remembered that not so
very long ago he bested McCarty in a
ten-round battle in New York. Mc-
Carty has yet to wipe out the stain of
that defeat before he can proclaim
himself champion white heavyweight
fighter of the world.
_ Willard is anxious to fight McCarty,
too, and it is said that a battle may
be arranged for the near future in
New York City. That battle will de-
cide, for the time at least, just what
white man deserves the heavyweight
_ Several of the white hopes who
looked good until quite recently seem
now down and out. One of them is
Carl Morris, the Oklahoma giant. He
may come back, but in recent light of
the past year's events it seems quite
_ Jim Flynn need no longer be con-
sidered. He has substained some bit-
ter defeats and he is now thirty-three.
Everybody, including Flynn himself,
regards the Pueblo fireman as a has-
been so far as fighting is concerned.
  Al Kaufman, too, has fallen into the
pool of oblivion, and it will be some
time at least before Palzer can hope
to come back. Willard and McCarty,
and possibly also Bombardier Wells,
are the men who must decide between
them who will be champ.
_ Certainly Willard looms big on the
fight horizon. The fight he had with
McCarty in New York showed that
he can deliver the goods. He was
given the verdict almost unanimously
by the New York papers, and it was
said in reports of the contest that Mc-
Carty was hardly able to land one tell-
ing blow on him.
_ Willard is the young fellow from
the Texas plains uncovered by Charley
Cutler of Chicago about a year ago.
Cutler had him under his eye for a
long time and then made the mistake
of taking him to New York City and
leaving him there. Naturally, some
body "stole" Jess away from Cutler,
and now he is lost for good and all
to the Chicago wrestler.
_ Packey McFarland, the Chicago
stockyards fighter, is soon to take
Willard in hand and teach the Texan
all he knows about the fight game.
McFarland says Willard is the most
dangerous white heavyweight now in
the game.

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