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The Press

London, Jan. 9.

_ The match between Silverthorne and
Dogherty for the stake of 100 guineas, was
fought yesterday on Combe Warren, near
Kingston. At half past twelve the com-
batants set to, with Bill Gibbons and Caleb
Balwin seconds to Silverthorne, whose
weight was 11st. 21b. and Dick Hall and
Powers for Dogherty, whose weight was
10st. 11lb. Current betting was 6 and 7 to
4 on Silverthorne.
_ ROUND 1. Sparring with caution.
Dogherty made a right handed hit, which
was returned, and a partial disengagement
took place. A most courageous and
sanguinary rally commenced by mutual
consent, in which the combatants stood
and exchanged hits for the space of two
minutes, regardless of the effects of the
blows. Dogherty's strait hitting gave him
some advantage, but the strength of
Silverthorne's blows was evident at the
end of the round. Dogherty got the worst
of the rally, and fell by a blow which
decided first blood and first knock down.
- Two to one on Silverthorne.
_ ROUND 2. Dogherty embarrassed by the
forcible blows he had received, hit short with
his right hand at the body, and Silverthorne
put in a blow with quickness on the head,
which again brought his adversary down.
Three to one.
_ ROUND 3. Silverthorne made a good stop,
and another rally as courageous as the first
round ensued. Silverthorne followed and
bored his adversary to all parts of the ring,
but receiving Dogherty's science on the
head. Silverthorne threw several blows
away by round hitting, but his strength
gave him the best of the round, as Dogher-
ty was weak, and he fell with a slight hit.
Seven to two on Silverthorne
_ ROUND 4. Dogherty's head bled freely,
but he commenced a rally, and put in a
good body blow, but it only staggered his
adversary. In placing a second body blow
Dogherty was hit quickly on the head and
he went down.
_ ROUND 5. Dogherty made another body hit,
and it was returned on the head, as in the for-
mer round. A rally commenced, and Silver-
thorne was knocked down by a blow on the
_ ROUND 6. Dogherty was knocked down at
the commencement of a rally.
_ ROUND 7. Dogherty appeared first in time,
and hit his adversary in the head with great
gaiety. Silverthorne made play by a
distressed and awkward hit, and he received
a right-handed facer. Silverthorne bored
in on a courageous rally - it was most
sanguinary as each exchanged hits for a
minute and a half. Dogherty's science
gave him the advantage of the former
part of the rally, and a rally ensued for the
first time, when Silverthorne fell from
_ ROUND 8. Silverthorne rallied, and Dog-
herty put in a hard blow on the mouth; Silver-
thorne, however, bored him down.
_ ROUND 9. Each sparred for wind; Dogherty
put in a good body blow with more force
than could have been expected, and it was
returned on the head, when Silverthorne
_ ROUND 10. Silverthorne put in a dreadful
blow as Dogherty was commencing a rally,
which knocked down his adversary.
_ ROUND 11. It was with difficulty Dogherty
could be got off his second's knee, but he
fought until knocked down.
_ ROUND 12. Dogherty again made play in a
doubled state and the combatants managed
a rally in a state of weakness unparalleled.
They had strength to stand without the
power of hitting, although within length;
but Silverthorne recovered sufficient to
knock down his adversary, which prevent-
ed him from appearing again to time.
_ After the battle Dogherty was in a state
which excited great alarm. He was ap-
parently lifeless. Silverthorne was in a
state quite as bad. Neither had life
enough to stand on their legs, and they
were put to bed. The desperate conflict
lasted 22 minutes, 17 of which was really
exchanging hits.
BOXERS - Silverthorne has been match-
ed to fight young Belcher, for one hundred
guineas, in March next, ten forfeit -
Dogherty has challenged to fight Silver-
thorne again for one hundred guineas, play
or pay. I expected that Cribb and
Mollinesux will contend again in May, but
no stakes have yet been made.

News 1811

News 1811

Reading Hotel Philadelphia

The Democratic Press 1811

The fibers of this paper are interesting...
It is 200 years old and better quality than
paper used in news publications today.

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