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DECEMBER 3, 1896

WYATT EARP as Boxing Referee
Tom Sharkey vs Bob Fitzsimmons

Doctors Say Sharkey's
Condition Is Serious

Owing To The Blow In The

Which 'Fitz' Gave Him
With His Elbow

Sharkey Given A
Certified Check

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 3. - A certi-
fied check for the amount of the purse
was given to Sharkey by Ref. Wyatt
Earp after the fight last night. Some
of Fitzsimmons' backers talk of en-
joining the bank from paying the
check, but it not believed such action,
if taken, would cause the bank to
withhold payment to Sharkey, It is
claimed as the check was certified
the bank has no option but to pay its
holder. It is also claimed that the
decision of the referee is final and
not susceptible of appeal to the courts.

Physicians and newspaper men who
participated in or witnessed the ex-
amination of Sharkey after he was
carried from the ring, say he was vis-
ibly wounded below the belt. Doc-
tors say his condition is serious, but
not dangerous, and have ordered him
to remain in bed at least two or three
days, stating that exercise or any
movement might aggravate his in-
juries. Sharkey was seen in bed at
his hotel this morning. He was rest-
ing easily though suffering some pain
and inconvenience.

Witnesses of the fight declare this
morning that a foul blow was un-
doubtedly delivered, but many believe
it was accidental.

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