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Six Thousand People in Madison Square Garden-
The Fight Stopped by the Police in the Fourth
Round - A Wild Scene of Confusion - McCaffrey
Declared the Winner.

_ New York, Oct. 13 - Over six thousand
people assembled in Madison Square Garden
tonight to witness the glove contest between
Charles Mitchell, of England, and Dominick
McCaffrey. Before the contest of the evening
several exhibitions of boxing, wrestling and
club swinging were given by minor lights of
the sporting world. At 10:08 McCaffrey
entered the ring at the Garden. He was
quickly followed by Mitchell. both men
looked in prime condition. Each scaled one
hundred and sixty-five pounds. Mitchell is
twenty-three years old and stands five
feet, eight and a half inches high, while
McCaffrey is twenty-one years old and mea-
sures five feet nine and one half inches.
Mitchell was attended by Billy Madden and
Alfred Lunt, and McCaffrey was looked after
by Billy Edwards and Tom Campbell. Mr.
J.B. McCormick of the Cincinnati Enquirer,
was at once chosen referee. Ed Plummer,
of the Truth, acted as timekeeper. The fight
was under the Marquis of Queensbury rules.
the men were quickly called to the scratch.

_ Round 1 - Both men advanced to the centre
of the ring. Mitchell seeming quite confident.
McCaffrey was smiling but it was plain that
he was nervous. after some cautious sparr-
ing, McCaffrey let fly his right, getting
Mitchell on the breast, but a little short for
effect, which seemed to make Mitchell a little
cautious. Then the Irishman made a vicious
left hander on the body and followed it up
with an effort to close. the fighting ended
in a clinch when McCaffrey got in a swinging
right hander ending the round in McCaffrey's
favor amid great cheering.

_ Round 2 - Mitchell opened this round by
several terrible body blows, seemingly deter-
mined to force the fighting, but McCaffrey
got in some good ones in return on Mitchell's
face and head. here the men stood off and
sparred continuously again, when sud-
denly McCaffrey visited his antagonist
on the right ear with a blow
that seemed to stagger him. Mitchell
quickly recovered himself, and put in
some terrific sledge hammer blows on
McCaffrey's head and neck. the Pittsburgh
man returned fire. Mitchell tried to force
his opponent to the ropes, but McCaffrey
stood his ground, and some short, sharp
fighting ensued. When the time was called
McCaffrey seemed to have the best of it.

_ Round 3 - Both men were considerably
blown when time was called. McCaffrey
looked confident and jumped to the middle of
the ring. Mitchell again tried to force the
fighting, but he met a staggering right hander
and blood flowed from a gash over his right
eye and from the nose. The first blood for
McCaffrey was claimed and allowed. Mc
Caffrey now seemed to have things his own
way. Mitchell tried his best several times to
get in some telling body blows, but al-
ways left his guard open and McCaffrey
every time took advantage of the poor defense.
Mr. Mitchell began to get angry at the severe
drubbing he was getting, and endeavored to
bear McCaffrey to the ropes, despite the re-
peated warnings of the referee, who finally
had to step into the ring and lead the men to
their corners. The excitement at this time
was intense. The people shouted and yelled
like madmen. McCaffrey plainly being the
favorite. The Garden was .....
when time was called.

_ Round 4 - Mitchell looked much the worse
for wear when he came up for the round.
his face had considerable blood on it, still
he went at it gamely. In a few moments
McCaffrey let go his left, but it was neatly
stopped, and Mitchell sent back a hard
one on Mac's body; both clinched
and some rapid interchanges followed.
McCaffrey's work was the most telling. Mitch-
ell resorted to his old tactics of bearing on
his opponent. McCaffrey was clever in keep-
ing away and doing good service with that
right hand. he did not always forget his
left, and in return received very few hard hits.
during a clinch that again was repeated,
Police Captain Williams stepped on the
stage, and putting a club between the
men, ordered the fight to stop. The
referee called time at this juncture and a wild
scene occurred. The scene that the walls
contained cannot be well described. Every-
body yelled and nothing could be understood.
the referee tried to make himself heard, but
in vain. he stood at the ropes with the
backers at his either side, evidently trying to
induce him to do something. whether it
was to reserve his decision, call
the match a draw, or order another
round could only be surmised. At any rate
when McCormick could make himself heard,
he announced his decision that McCaffrey
had won the match and all the gate money.
This made the crowd crazy again, and they
cheered for McCaffrey and the referee.

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