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(Bennington, Vermont)
NOVEMBER 9, 1912


Champion Pugilist Fought hard
to Avoid Imprisonment


Judge Landis Rebukes Attorneys for
Attempting to Use Unqualified

_ Chicago, Nov. 9. - Jack Johnson
champion heavyweight pugilist of the
world, occupied a cell in the county
jail last night, due to his failure to
furnish a $30,000 bond for his release
on a charge of violating the Mann
act. Johnson's attempted to provide
bond at the regular session of court
failed, but Judge Landis agreed to
hold a night session and give the pug-
ilist an opportunity to obtain new
bondsmen. As he left the federal
building, handcuffed to Deputy Mar-
shal Edward Northrop, after a futile
plea to not have his wrist manacled,
Johnson seemed greatly dejected, but
he said nothing.
_ In his extended fight for bond John-
son shed tears, pleaded, offered cash
bond in almost any amount and em-
ployed two attorneys. David Back-
rach and Edward Morris, in an effort
to obtain his release. Three pros-
pective bondsmen failed to qualify,
and one of them, Albert C. Jones, was
sent to jail after he had failed to ob-
tain a bond of $10,000 for his ap-
pearance in court next Monday to
answer a charge of contempt which
was lodged against him by the court,
when he attempted to schedule prop-
erty said to belong to his wife. Tony
May, another prospective bondsman,
was ordered out of court because he
gave answers to questions which the
court considered untruthful.
_ "Give cash bond in any amount, but
for goodness sake keep me out of
jail," Johnson pleaded with his attor-
neys. Both District Attorney Wilker-
son and Judge Landis refused to com-
sider a cash bond. "An unparalleled
attempt to swindle this court by offer-
ing unqualified bondsmen has been
made," said Judge Landis. "I will not
consider a cash bond."
_ Mr. Wilkerson said he understood
that Johnson intended to leave this
country on the 30th if he obtained
his release. The offense with which
Johnson is charged is not subject to
extradition. Several other charges
against Johnson are to be investigat-
ed by the grand jury, it is said. Dis-
trict Attorney Wilkerson last night
said he intended to put Johnson on
trail as soon as possible. The case
probably will be called next week.
Catherine Dorsey at whose home
the "young white girl, Lucille Camer-
on, lived for several weeks, was ar-
rested yesterday afternoon. she had
been hiding in a barn for three weeks.
She was held under $5,000 bond as a
witness in the Johnson case, and also
was remanded to the marshal's cus-

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