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OCTOBER 22, 1917

Bob Fitzsimmons

Rochester New York Union and Advertiser
newspaper dated October 22, 1917. On the
sports page is a photo and an article about
the death of boxing great Bob Fitzsimmons.

_ CHICAGO, Oct. 22 _ Bob Fitzsimmons
has taken the last count. The greatest
of modern champions succumbed to the
champion of all times in Michael Reese
Hospital at 2:45 a.m., today.
_ The "knockout" followed a losing
fight of five days against pneumonia.
At no time was the former heavy-
weight king conceded even a chance
for his life, but he alone refused to
give up and practically his last words
_ "I'm not through until I'm counted
out. I never have quit and I never
_ Fitz's wife, Mrs. Tina Fitzsimmons,
who had been his chief "second"
in the Antipodes winning battle after
battle and in 1890 came to America
where his first two decisive victories
secured him a match with Jack Demp-
sey, "The Nonparell," undefeated mid-
dleweight champion of the world. Fitz
knocked out Dempsey in 13 rounds in
New Orleans, January 14, 1891, and his
fame was secure.
_ For the next few years Fitz met and
defeated all of the great middleweights
and light heavyweights of his time
including Black Denrl, the great Pete
Maher, Joe Choynski, Joe Godfrey and
Dan Creedon.
_ From 1894 to 1897 he followed Jim
Corbett around the country imploring
for a match until Corbett was forced
into the fight which resulted in his de-
feat in 14 rounds at Carson City, Nevada
March 17, 1897.
_ It was more than two years before
Fitz again entered the ring. In the

Newspaper is 17"x21"

Death of Bob Fitzsimmons
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