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The Augusta Herald

FEBRUARY 28, 1920

Warrant Sworn Out For
Jack Dempsey's Arrest

Dempsey and Kearns
Ordered Arrested For
Evading Draft Law

_ SAN FRANCISCO - Warrants for the arrest of William Harrison (Jack) Dempsey, heavyweight pugilist champion of the world, and Jack Kearns, his manager, were in the hands of the United States marshall today. An indictment charging Dempsey and Kearns with conspiring to evade the selective draft was returned by the federal grand jury yesterday. A second indictment returned at the same time, charged that Dempsey actually evaded the law.
_ When and where the warrants would be served had not been announced early today. Dempsey and Kearns were in Los Angeles last night, and Kearns was quoted as saying they had made no plans for coming to San Francisco. "I am glad the indictments have been filed, because it means Jack and I will have an opportunity to vindicate ourselves and put an end to the gossip about us which has been in circulation for the last few weeks," Kearns said. Dempsey is charged with having falsely stated to the draft board that his wife had lived with him for eighteen months previous to his appearance before the board and that his parents and a widowed sister had made their home with him for four years.

Augusta Herald
FEBRUARY 28, 1920

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The Augusta Herald Feb. 28, 1920

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The Augusta Herald Feb. 28, 1920

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